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Bucket List Travels 2022: Couples Edition

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

They say this is the year where we are all going to go head first to start achieving our wild travel dream! We haven't had the chance to travel as much in the last two years, we've (supposedly) saved a little money, and we are itching to get places...well, not everywhere has opened up, and other conflicts have sadly put a wrench in the well see if this prediction panned out!

The last few years have also been tough on relationships, divorce is up, and people are suffering from depression, anxiety, and taking it out on their partners, making it more important now, than ever, to find a way to connect with your significant other, and let me tell you what, travel will either make or break a relationship!

Studies have also shown that travel is good for the soul, mentality, and just makes you happy, even just planning a trip, will help ease your stress, so why not actually do it!

So, if you are one of the lucky few who did save wisely, and you are in need of a little couples therapy, here are the top Bucket List Destinations for Couples in 2022. These are in no particular order!


Australia has, finally, opened for travelers again, making this destination attainable! Australia is such an amazing destination with great cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane; sights such as The Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach, Australia's Pink Lakes, Uluru & Kata Tjuta, the drive along the Great Ocean Road, and the Dolerite Sea Cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula; to great activities like traveling through Australia's amazing wine region, learning about Australia's Aboriginal Culture, get aquatinted with some of the world's most exotic animals and creatures, participate in the Canberra Balloon Spectacular, or just unwind and recharge in one of Australia's amazing health & wellness spas!

With some of the worlds best beaches, most exotics animals, incredible foods, amazing adrenaline rush adventures, there is no way Australia could disappoint! Yes, it does take some time to get there, so plan on spending a good two weeks there, at least. And don't expect to see it all at once, (time dependent) concentrate on one or two areas to really explore, remember, Australia is about the size of the continuous 50 states!

Fun Fact: I am actually a certified Australian Travel Advisor through the Tourism Australia, so if you have any questions, or need any help planning your Australian get away, let's connect!

Need help planning your Australian Getaway? Try these Resources:


Are you looking for an amazing, one of a kind experience. Then Jordan is your destination! Official known as Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, this ancient, and cultured country is full of history, culture, adventure, and so much more. Expect to fall in love!

Some of the amazing things you could experience while in Jordan: float the Dead Sea, explore the ancient rock-cut city of Petra, explore the Valley of the Moons, take a camel ride, go camping under the starlit ski of Wadi Rum, take a journey of faith and healing and spiritual enlightenment as you explore the many beautiful Holy Sites located within Jordans borders, desert castles and citadels, and of course, be sure to indulged in the many culinary delights that Jordan has to offer!

Jordan is considered a very safe country to visit, but please beware of their cultural norms, and, please, respect them. There are some dress codes to follow, and some rules of etiquette that should be observed during your travels, be sure to research these prior to your departure!

With all the amazing history, art, culture, sites, and cities to explore in Jordan, it's recommended that you plan on spending a minimum of four to six days, but ten days is ideal (at minimum) to really experience the joys Jordan has to offer.

Need help planning your Jordan Getaway? Try these Resources:


Oh Iceland, how I love thee! Such an incredible nation, full of beautiful landscapes, people, food, and history. As part of the Schengen Agreement, it makes it easy for Americans to visit, directly, or as a stop over on your way to Europe, it's easy and convenient. Iceland is a very proud nation, and they take pride in caring for their environment. It's a great place to visit for any one to visit, but especially for those who prefer destinations that focus on sustainability, and they encourage all their tourist to participate in their sustainability efforts so that Iceland will be around for years to come for all to enjoy!

Now, let's talk about a few of the amazing things you could experience while visiting Iceland: visit the Skaftefell Nature Reserve, swim in the Blue Lagoon, go whale watching, hike a glacier, visit Lake Myvatn in North Iceland, take in the Dettifoss Waterfall in North Iceland, experience the Northern Lights, take a ride on an Icelandic Horse, see the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, or visit one of the many culture sites such as one of the 266 museums, it's architecture scene, explore the many film sites, check out the Icelandic music scene, and of course, be sure to try some of the food specialties of the island!

Iceland is such a fantastic destination! I highly encourage everyone to experience it at least once! Ideally, you should try and plan a week to really explore Iceland, at minimum, with two-three weeks being optimal. But keep in mind, even in the summer, it can be very brisk, so dress accordingly, and much of Iceland's charm is it's natural environment. Please be respectful, and careful, and follow any rules for safety and sustainability to help preserve such a fantastic destination.

Need help planning your Icelandic Getaway? Try these Resources:


Japan is such an incredible destination to visit, one you will not find anywhere else. With the mingling of western and eastern philosophies, add their incredible technology, then combined with one of the oldest civilizations that has a beautiful and diverse history, you're bound to have an incredible, and memorable, experience! On top of that, you are surrounded by beautiful scenery: great beaches, beautiful mountains, stunning foliage, and amazing architecture. Japan is a destination that offers so many diverse experiences and attractions that it drives travelers in from all over the world.

Here are a few of the amazing experiences you could have if you were to travel to Japan: experience the amazing Cherry Blossoms, climbing/hike Mt. Fuji, experience the ancient art of Sumo, immerse yourself in the architecture, visit the Imperial Palace, explore Zojoji Temple, delve into one of the well preserved towns like Nakasendo, Hida Takayama, or Hirosaki Samurai District, visit a one of the many temples or shrines, or explore the amazing towns of Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Yamaguchi, or Nagano.

With so much incredible culture and history, it is generally recommended that you spend about two weeks traveling through Japan to really experience it fully! Be sure to try some of the local culinary delights, as Japan has one of the best culinary scenes!

Need help planning your Japanese Getaway? Try these Resources:


From diverse landscapes and desert adventures to vibrant souks, hammams and historical sights, Morocco is full of adventure for any worthy traveler! A site of historical importance, it's where the east meets the west, and the influences of each culture can be seen throughout the country in its culture, people, and food, much of which you will notice a greater influence in the larger, more metropolitan cities, compared to some of the more rural villages. Morocco is a beautifully diverse and welcoming country, where you will see a melting pot of Asians, Arabs, Europeans, and African people, all living together in harmony.

A few of the amazing experiences you could have while traveling through Morocco include: visit the grand Hassan II Mosque, explore the well-preserved ruins of the Roman city of Volubilis, get lost in the blue city of Chefchaouen, explore the grand souk of Marrakech, relax in a Hammam, visit one of the many museums, explore the cities of Marrakech, Dakhla, Tangier, or Fez, take a stroll along the Jnan sbil Gardens, or maybe you could go skiing at Michlifen! But one thing for sure, be sure to dive into the culinary experience that is Morocco! With the beautiful blend of east and west, the food scene is absolutely divine! I mean, Marrakech basically becomes an open-air restaurant by night!

It's suggested that you plan on spending at least a week in Morocco, if you want to see the main sites, but about three weeks if you really want to delve right in and really experience the people, the culture and the history.

Need help planning your Japanese Getaway? Try these Resources:

What's on your Bucket List? Let me know in the comments!


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The Petite Traveler Bucket List 2022: Couple's Edition

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