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Hello Friend, I'm Haley, The Petite Traveler.  I am also a Travel Advisor and Travel Lover! My goal here is to become your go to gal for everything travel! I'm a Washington native, and Gonzaga University graduate. I have a passion for art, exploring a new destination, indulging in some good food, and picking up a new language. I can't wait to connect with you over our shared love of travel.

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My Happy Place

I developed my passion for travel at a very young age. My first "big trip" that I can remember was to Las Vegas, and I LOVED it! Since then, I've traveled solo, with my family, one girls trips, in large groups, as part of tours, on cruises, and so much more! I've also been dragging my family all over Europe, which holds my heart as my favorite place to travel, with Hawaii being a very close second! 

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I can't wait to take you long my journeys, and to be a part of your journey's as well! To learn more about me, or how I can help you in your travel adventures, please


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